How To Plan A Road Trip With Kids

We rate doing a road trip with kids as highly enjoyable and memorable travel experience. But we understand the thought of being in a confined space with your kids, especially toddlers, is frightening!

Don’t worry, in this road trips planning guide we are here to show you how to plan a road trip with kids so you preserve your sanity and have an amazing adventure!

We get it. When we left for our 18 month road trip around Australia in 2013, Kalyra was six and Savannah – our highly energetic child- was two.

15 minutes into that trip she started throwing vegemite sandwiches at my head while trying to escape the car seat and screaming at us.Melrose Ave Selfie Tour HOLLYWOOD- Los Angeles with Kids

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It wasn’t long before we could drive 6 hours straight and have her enjoy it.

We’ve been doing full-time family travel ever since, and we recently finished a 12 month road trip of the United States. Plus, we’re always taking short family road trips so we know what we are talking about!

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