That One Thing You should do Everyday

A lot of people wake up every day and live life as it comes, some go through it with courage and aspirations of making things happen, while others… well, just want to groove it all the way!

A friend of mine recently reached out to me, we had known each other for over 8years, at some point we lost contact, but we reconnected through a mutual friend. So, my friend has always been a scholar, a very ambitious and goal-getter kind of person, he had lived a ‘triangle life’ all through his high school and university which made him had little time to socialize and miss out on a lot of fun. In fact, he was so ‘focused’ that building a relationship with the opposite sex didn’t even appeal to him. So, as you’ve guessed, he’s still single!

When he reached out to me, all he did was lament about how he is feeling lonely and doesn’t have friends or a group of his own. And to mention, we were best of friends back then, so he still holds me in high esteem, which is part of why he felt comfortable with sharing his ‘pain’ with me. Thus, he went on and on about how he’s not happy about how he had lived the major part of his life so far, and obviously wanted me to advise him on how best to change his life pattern and be more fulfilled.

Now, chasing dreams and aspirations is a very beautiful thing, in fact what I was able to deduce from his narrative was the fact that he was too ambitious was not the problem, but the fact that he failed to celebrate every day. When I say celebrate, I don’t mean throw parties all around or get a pimp to fill the house with ladies and wine, but doing one thing every day that brings you happiness, one thing that brings you joy, creating fun for yourself and doing one thing that WOWs you.

A simple hack to a more satisfying lifestyle is to create a moment of happiness and experience for each day! These moments don’t always have to be something big or a landmark, but aim to put you through some series of events that brings you WOW moment or experience.

Okay I know you are still thinking of how to create that WOW moment for yourself. It’s actually simpler than you think.

  • Locate that spot. There are spots and there are spots! Locate a spot whereby you are able to meet with and connect with people of like-minds and still have crazy fun! Now most spots might not provide much menu options or even none at all. Which is where an event planner comes to play.
  • Plan Ahead. Before heading to a location, have a ‘fun’ calendar or plan that gives your insight into what you are setting out to do at the venue after COB, could be a game session, paintball hangout, meet and greet, or even a drinking feast
  • Get friends to hang-out with you. Nobody really loves a loner, and one can’t really do much or have fun to the brim by rolling alone. Therefore, try to get friends that you know would also love to hangout, propose your plan to them and get suggestions on different activities that could be carried out during the hangout.
  • Create a ‘you’ moment within the event. Aim to have a ‘you’ moment for each event, by ‘you’ moment I mean things specially designed to your own taste. Because your pals are having a Martini doesn’t mean you should also have a Martini. Have you been craving for a Virgin Colada? or a shot of Famous Groouse?, then go ahead and have it that moment! Honestly, it’s mostly about you! Thus, have that drink, take that wonderful bite, have this mind-blowing discussion, make jest of each other in a crazy way, bring back old beautiful memories, aim to have such similar moments every day and before you know it, you are floating in the skies of happiness! And that is one experience you should aim to have everyday

Starting today!

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