The Cottage Party

A monthly Friday lounge and fun soirée  for top executives and business men.  It’s a fun reward we give ourselves for a productive month.

Mr. Tunde, a founder of a multinational conglomerate was so excited when he realised he could cool off at the Cottage Party after a busy month with his board members and friends.  While at it,  he can still close deals there;  he can still have the most inspiring and engaging conversation with executives from other brands alongside tequila shots, music, food, beautiful people and lots of games.

The Cottage Party is that place!

The key word are RELAXATION, INTERACTION, FUN and NETWORKING. It is powered by an experiential concierge company called Wowme! and other ad agency brands. This event is held every last Friday of the month in a fun filled environment.

Let’s explore some of the benefits:

  1. Brand Visibility:

For so many SMEs & upcoming entrepreneurs, it‘s interesting to note that the organizers of this event can promote your brand in various ways in & off the event. Budweiser (a premium lager beer) sponsored one of the editions of this event. Guys make use of this opportunity.

  1. Networking Opportunity:

Unlike clubs in Lagos, the music is too loud and you stay lost in the crowd. This make shift office turned lounge every once a month, gives corporate executives magic moments and time to have fun, sponsor your brand & network with like minds; all  in one party.

  1. Excitement & Celebrations:

It is also very important to point that executives can also use the party as a medium to celebrate their birthdays with their friends. This is very helpful  because it saves the stress of time & logistics for an intending celebrant. It’s a more efficient yet most exciting and stress free way to celebrate.  CEOs also purchase the party voucher to give to their staff as a way to celebrate them for a work well done etc.

  1. Engaging Games,  Tequila Shots, Exquisite Chops & Exotic Drinks:

Our description wouldn’t be complete if this aspect isn’t mentioned. The party canapés is OMG! and not to talk of the unlimited cocktails cocktails and other assorted drinks by the bar.

From my findings, every cottage party features one or two celebrities. Terry G surprisingly stopped by and  Harry Song came through at the last one. At the Cottage Party you never can tell who you’ll meet.

To find out more about the cottage party & to attend the next edition.

Kindly follow @wowmeexperience on Instagram and also click the link below to join their online community https://chat.whatsapp.com/HBn8KJ0qysT5V73TDsdrbo to get recent updates.

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