Transforming Your Abode In Seconds

A quick tip for setting up for events

Your friend just called you sounding all jiggly and with all excitement informing you that she’s about to throw an ‘impromptu’ party in your house! and definitely isn’t thinking of hiring an event planner. Now when I say impromptu, we all have that overly social friend that wakes up one day and decides she wants to throw a little party with the rest of your ‘click’ the coming weekend, or even more shocking, next two days!

Dorcas is one crazy friend I know wouldn’t go a week without having the time of her life, she is a core extrovert and a sanguine! So basically, what all sanguine love is to have a great time any day, anywhere, as that’s where they draw their strength from. Even her last birthday party, she had no plans that very morning, until about 12pm, when she all of a sudden said we should start making preparations! (who does that really?). So we were, or should I say I was faced with the task of transforming the house and make it beautiful and all inviting, and within a limited space of time.

So how did we go about that? Note that packing and gathering items randomly won’t do the trick, that’s not how transformation works, transformation starts by envisaging what kind of outcome you want and listing ‘steps’ or requirement to achieve your desired outcome.

Arrangement is Crucial

Sort all items, based on categories and kinds, this allows you to clearly know what should be where and when. Take out objects that don’t belong to other object groups i.e., napkins shouldn’t be together with cutleries, the table lamp shouldn’t be on the dining table, mops actually belong to the kitchen and not the passage. Now for the birthday, the primary place of concern was, of course, the kitchen.  Plates, pots and other items weren’t in good arrangement. You would easily see the electric kettle on the deep freezer, and the trash bin almost close to the cooking gas. We started by taking that out of course.

Add Extra Touches

Look for an element you can add to the house to make it look different. Don’t underestimate the effect of lights and flowers when it comes to home décor, they are really key. You can put up or display some flowers at your door, above the ceiling, and even on the center table. What we did was to drop by a flower store to get some not-so-expensive flowers with warm colors which we displayed in the earlier above-mentioned spots. And this worked well

Fragrance is Important

Nobody wants to hangout in a place that doesn’t have any bit of aura or smells bad. One of the first thing that makes an impression about a home or any house is how it smells. A lot of people incorporate the use of air-fresheners, both the ones to be hung up and automatic dispensing ones. Naturally scented flowers do the trick too. Well, it was good my friend had an air-freshener, so we just sprayed like never before! (Laughs)

Music is Magical

Now I know you might wonder, how is music transformative? okay try to imagine a Davido’s song being played at a religious concert, or imagine a Jim Reeves music being played at your birthday party or wedding! No way you must think, and that’s the ‘invisible’ effect of music in an event or scenario. Most party attendees look forward to two things, good food, and great music! And since we were preparing for a birthday party, we just dropped some cool hit music and everyone got in the mood. (I missed the part where we already had some guests and friends arriving at the house).

Be creative

To add this on a final note, home transformation is about being creative, especially on the décor and setting up aspect. Decoration is the soul of any event, big or small. Take your time to mix, create or even replicate designs you would love to have. Listing out all the things you want to get and setting budget will give a clearer picture of what you can achieve in the stipulated period of time. But most importantly, keep things simple, yet elegant.

Till next time.

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