Your Lady keeps Coming Back!

Every lady wants to feel special irrespective of facial appearance, skin colour, race or society. This is an inbuilt trait God has put in them. With this in mind, treating any lady in a lovely way is of topmost priority to keep the longevity of the friendship or relationship.

Alice & Ben have been in a relationship for 3 years and this has been seen to be a cordial one in the neighbourhood but key factors such as trust between partners, embracing each other’s errors & memory creation of times spent together has been the reason for an unbreakable relationship.

So why does she keep coming back? The points below shows us why she will always stick with you:

  1. Emotional Security:

As you undergo your relationship with your lady, make her feel secured about anything or any discussion as this will prompt the longevity of such relationship. Every lady wants to tell her man things she won’t naturally tell her friends but as a guy you open the room for that to be built.

2. Be sensitive to her salient details:

ladies love it when important details such as their birthday isn’t forgotten, noticing when they are ill, being there always. Any lady will keep coming back to you.

One of such memorable times was when Ben remembered & did a surprise birthday and Alice was so flabbergasted & wowed.  Thanks to wowme.ng

3. Apologizing for your mistakes:

It is proven that 80% of relationships last longer when both partners apologies for their wrong and not putting blames on each other. Every girl would always be around a guy that help embrace & correct their wrongs in love.

4. Fulfilling told promises:

Most guys feel this isn’t important. Never make a promise and don’t fulfill, show her that you’re able to stick to your word.

5. Be friends to her friends:

Someone ones said “For a lasting relationship with your lady, be friends with her friends”. This act as a mediator which can sometimes be a useful tool when communication between you & your lady.

6. High level of Commitment:

A lack of commitment is a common reason why relationships decide to break up. If your lady hasn’t said this directly, you will be able to gauge if a lack of commitment is the real reason why she isn’t coming based on these signs: Your girlfriend has told you that she wants more from the relationship but hasn’t talked about in specific.

She has said that your relationship doesn’t have direction. She has complained that you don’t know what you want from life. These are some of the hints that your girlfriend may have given you time and again to draw your attention to the fact that there is no sense of commitment from your side. Reflect on these arguments, and find out if your lack of commitment is actually the reason why she is walking away.

If it is, you must be willing to get over your fear and be ready to accept that your relationship has matured to a beautiful and serious level. Hence, ladies love highly commitment relationships which automatically keeps them in it.

In summary, keep in mind that every relationship is different, and the reasons why your lady keeps coming back will be quite different from everyone else. It’s not a one-size-fits-all type of problem, and there’s no one reason why she would keep coming back.

The important thing is to remember to be honest, open and communicate with your girlfriend about flaws and what you are doing to work on the relationship. Congratulations to those lucky guys who their girls keep coming back.

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